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Wayne's Auto Repair
Struts and Suspension

Your struts and suspension play a key role in the performance of your car.

At Wayne's Auto Repair we can provide you with any repairs related to these systems of your car.

Below you'll find information and videos to help you in your knowledge and understanding of how your car is affected by worn out features and failures of these much-needed components to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape!

Strut Overview

Car struts are used on the front end of nearly every front-wheel-drive vehicle. Their primary function is to provide a dampening effect as you travel over a road’s surface. Worn struts may show symptoms such as bottoming out, excessive bouncing, rocking back and forth, drifting, swaying, and even wear on the tires.

Struts -Worn
Suspension Overview

Cupping can be caused by faulty wheel bearings, loose or worn suspension parts, poorly balanced wheels and tires, fatigued springs or weak struts or shock absorbers.

Suspension-Rear Solid Axle &Coil Spring

The rear coil spring suspension is a variation of the rear leaf spring suspension often found in rear-wheel drive vehicles; the leaf springs have simply been replaced with coil springs. Since coil springs are lighter, they have less unsprung weight, creating a smoother ride. However, coil springs can't be used to hold the axle in line therefore other methods are necessary to do this. The typical rear coil spring suspension uses two lower control arms to control wheelbase, and one or more upper control arms to control side motion and axle rotation.

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