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A/C and Heating

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Imagine driving along singing a song with your favorite person by your side. All of a sudden, one of you exclaims, “My goodness! It’s hot! What’s wrong with the air conditioning?!”

Perhaps it’s the middle of winter. The heater begins to change the atmosphere in the car.  The environment becomes cooler than that refreshing drink from last summer on the air-conditioned patio.

Your car’s air conditioning and heating system may break down anywhere, any time. It happens invariably when you least expect it and need them most.

 We have the Service for You

The wonderful folks at Wayne's Auto Repair have the knowledge and experience to handle any air conditioning and heating system.

Don’t get caught in the summer with an air conditioning system that doesn’t keep you cool.  However, it’s worse in the winter when your heating system doesn’t keep you warm. As one of the mechanics said, “Those systems usually fail due to lack of service.”

The mechanic suggested, “Air conditioning and heating systems should be serviced at least once per year. We check the coolant and all the connections to ensure the visible parts work well.”


There is nothing more uncomfortable than hot air in the summer or cold air in the winter. A simple and efficient maintenance program prevents that problem. Wayne's Auto Repair fixes your problem before anyone can say, “My goodness, it’s hot!” They keep your heater working in the middle of winter, too.

The wonderful folks at Wayne's Auto Repair make sure your air conditioning and heating systems work when they’re supposed to work. They give you two fewer things in your car or truck to worry about.  You drive away with a safe vehicle.

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