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Wayne's Auto Repair
Steering Systems

We offer Steering Repair for your car or light truck in Burkburnett, Wichita Falls, and Iowa Park, Texas

Today's cars typically have either the standard mechanical (reciprocating ball) steering or rack and pinion steering. The standard mechanical steering can be either power-assisted or non-power. Rack and pinion is almost always power-assisted, although there are rare cases where it is not.

Rack & Pinion Steering System

Rack & Pinion Steering System is a type of mechanism using a fixed cog or spline to turn the wheels of the vehicle left and right.

Dirty Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is a hydraulic liquid which adds power to your turns of the wheel. As time goes by, this fluid becomes dirty through internal wear and forces your power steering pump to work harder and potentially fail. If you notice noise when turning the wheel, see leaks or have low power steering fluid levels, make sure you follow up with your service advisor.

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